My Favorite Travel Bags/Items for the Holiday

The Holidays are a upon us I know that means most of us will be traveling to see loved ones! I put together a list of my favorite travel bags along with some of my favorite travel items.

First up the Sole Society weekender bag! I’ve had this bag for 6 years now and always great bag to travel with if you are doing a short weekend getaway. Remember always role your clothes you will be able to fit more.

Next up Beis weekender travel bag. This is a little bit pricey but the feature to add shoes in the bottom of the bag is a game changer!

And of Course the Away luggage! You guys know I am a HUGE fan of there suitcases. I have the smaller carry on size and then the medium luggage which is pictured below. The smaller carry on is great for flying both in the U.S. and internationally. The medium suitcase you can literally fit 3 weeks of clothes in it and about 5 pairs of shoes. They are 100% worth the money in my opinion!

Lastly Packing Cubes! You can get these just about anywhere below are ones I purchased from target. They really do keep everything organized and help your fit more stuff.

Other Favorite Travel Items:

All of these Items will be linked to my Amazon Page!

First up this larger amazon find which i’m sure you’ve seen. This is good for longer trips and my favorite feature is how it holds your makeup brushes

This is my most used makeup case. It is TSA approved and you can fit a ton of stuff in it. This is my grab and go cosmetic bag.

CBD gummies. I love these! These help with my nerves especially with flying and just when your feeling a little bit anxious!

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