Moving Tips & Tricks

As most of you know I made another move! This is my second move in CT and my 4th move in 7 years. The longest I’ve lived anywhere since college graduation is Portland Maine and that was a total of 3 years. So along the way I have picked up some tips and tricks to make sure I get that security deposit back! Whether your a renter or a home owner I hope you guys find these tips helpful! Warning these are not the pretty photos you are used to! All of these items will be linked in my Amazon Storefront. The link is provided below.

Anyone ever mount there TV or hang pictures? Spackle is your best friend! I use this pink so i can see what I am doing and then it dries a nice white color see below!
The key with this is to the use a sander to sand down the paint so its flat against the wall
The oven i personally think is the worst thing to clean. The inside of my oven really wasn’t bad so the only thing pictured here is the front glass part. Needless to say it was gross. Normal Windex is not strong enough to get this grime out so if you mix vinegar & baking soda it will do the trick!
Shower/Bathtub. For a deep clean I use Clorox clinging bleach gel. I do not do this often but this is perfect for a deep clean. This stuff is pretty potent so I would wear rubber gloves and face mask if you have one. I forgot to take and after picture of this one unfortunately.

See below for Other items to consider!
  • Oven liners: You can put them at the bottom of you oven so if anything spills it will hit the liner instead of the actual oven. It helps keep the over very clean.
  • Magic Eraser Sponge: These get rid of black marks and little marks along the wall. I love these things!
  • Furniture Felt Pads: If you can get a multi-pack with a bunch of different sizes this is really helpful especially if you have hardwood floors!
  • Command Strips: I’m sure these are a given but these are MY FAVORITE I use them for just about everything.

You can shop all of these items on my amazon storefront! There is an option to follow me as well. Anytime I add something new to my storefront you will receive and e-mail. Link below.

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