5 favorite travel Items I’ve​ been using​!

I wanted to share with you guys 5 things I recently just bought mostly for Ireland that I’m loving right now!


Travel Items

  1. Quay Australia Sunglass Case. Holds 4 sunglasses keeps them safe I absolutely LOVE this for travel! I’ve had this for about 3 months now! Click here
  2. Foldable Flats. I bought these for the derby and were extremely happy with them! They fit in all of my clutches! These are perfect for an event or weddings. Click here
  3. Cosmetic Clear makeup pouch I found on Amazon. This pouch holds so much stuff and is TSA approved. I took it to Ireland & the Kentucky Derby and had no issues getting through security. Click here
  4. Summer Fridays Jetlag mask. I used this every night in Ireland it is extremely hydrating. Click here
  5. I’ve shared these before but the Netruegona single wipes. I absolutely love these I have these in every bag and it is a travel must-have! Click here



If you have any other travel faves or tips share below!





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