How to take photos with a Tripod & Self Timer

Hi Guys! Based on the amount of interest in this via Instagram, I decided to do a blog post! Now I am no expert but this is what works the best for me! All the photos below  are all photos taken with a self tripod & self-timer






Two things you need for this a tripod & Camera:

What I use:


  • I use AV settings on my camera.
  • Set the ISO at 400
  • I pick a focal point. I make sure that little red dot is focused on an object that I can stand in front of or behind.
  • Set the timer for 10 seconds and run over to the spot that I focused the camera on and stand in front of the object or behind it.
  • I usually take about 20 different photos


On my Instagram, I filmed a short little video which is located in the highlight section! I hope this is helpful!

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