My Review on the Away Suitcase


“Is the Away suitcase worth the money?” I have gotten this question at least 30 times since I have purchased mine.  If you travel often the answer is YES! Whether it’s locally or you have to get on a plane every week it is 100% worth the money! I use this suitcase about once every other week.


Away Suitcase

Right now I have the smaller carry on size in the light pink. I always fit 4 pairs of shoes in there and at least 4 to 5 outfits. Both sides are packable of the suitcase.


I am going to invest in getting the larger Carry On version as well. I did use this specific suitcase for my Beaver Creek Ski trip in Colorado and it did fit everything.

Abercrombie jean shorts   T-shirt    White Sneakers


  • The light colors do get dirty really quickly.
  • I use Windex and a paper towel to try and get the black marks out.
  • The ejectable battery is AMAZING. It’s what I use as my portable charger for everyday use.



I hope this was helpful!


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