Lavender​ Pond Farm,​ Killingworth CT


Happy Sunday everyone! Today we went to check out the Lavender Pond Farm in Killingworth CT. It is adorable! The Farm sits on 25 acres of land which includes a fresh water pond. The story on how the farm came about is very touching. Have you ever read the book “Miss Rumphis?” I had not until now. Check out the link for more details.  Lavenderpondfarm


It’s an awesome spot to come and take some photos & get some fresh lavender. Many people who came had their cameras with them so I would suggest going in the morning.


They started the farm in 2014 and planted 9,000 lavender plants. They have a gift shop where you can buy these bundles of lavender and all other sorts of lavender products.




I hope you all had a great weekend. This was the perfect way to end mine!


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