Super Bowl LI


This is a long over due post! But better late than never!  You probably saw some pictures on my instagram of Super Bowl LI & some Instagram stories, but it doesn’t do it justice! The first picture is of my sisters and I. This was our 5th Super Bowl together. We’ve been very fortunate to go to 5, and better yet see the Patriots win three! There are so many different events at the Super Bowl so for this post I decided to stick to game day.


There are so many different parties & events going on. It can be extremely overwhelming, especially if its your first super bowl! The pictures above are from the Super Bowl village & NFL Experience. The NFL always has a Super Bowl village with the ESPN stage & all other major news outlets so you can see them reporting live. NFL experience is a MUST, especially if it’s your first time to the Super Bowl. It has the NFL official gift shop, super bowl rings display, how they make footballs, etc. The list goes on and on. There are activities such as kicking a field goal, running for a pass etc. Its a lot of fun with plenty to do & see.



The two photos above are from the NFL tailgate. This is one of our favorite parts of the Super Bowl.  All local restaurants participate in the tailgate every year. Its was amazing to try the authentic Texas BBQ & other restaurant food.  There is also an “inner circle,” which is the team owners tailgate. All of the owners attend this and that is where most of the celebs are. This year we spotted Shaquille O’neal & Simone Biles.  This event is always over the top and the food is amazing!

I thought I’d share some videos from snapchat. Not the best quality but you can see what the energy was like in the stadium. I did not bring my Cannon camera, these are all iPhone photos & snap videos.

Here is a glimpse of halftime before the show started! It’s amazing to me how fast they set the stage up every year. It was AMAZING. Lady GaGa did a great job!


After Halftime the phone was put down and it was time to focus. Talk about an unbelievable game! Wanted to share this photo of Giselle after we won! The energy in the stadium was unreal and it was so nice to see her so happy! I couldn’t imagine being her!


VICTORY!!! What an unreal night filled with so many emotions. Extremely grateful we were there to witness sports history & even more special to share it with my family! I hope you like this post.

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