Terrain, Westport CT

Terrain is hands down one of my favorite places to go in Connecticut. Terrain is owned by Anthropologie and its more of a home and garden store. It is not a clothing store. It is extremely unique and they have lots of treasures that are great for gifts! All of these photos are with my iPhone, I felt a little funny bringing in my Canon. Terrain is basically in a big greenhouse with plenty of natural light.  Such a nice way to spend a winter day.



They have a bath section with soaps and different skin care lotions. The photo above is the beginning of that section. I bought Osea blemish balm to try because I haven’t had luck with anything else so far. If anyone has any recommendations let me know!

Osea blemish balm




They have a cozy little garden cafe inside. The food is very good! My mom and I went to today to shop and grab a bite to eat. IMG_0064.JPG

I had the smoked Salmon BLT. It was delicious!  My mom had the arugula and pear salad with avocado. They also serve brunch and dinner.


Here is another shot of the bar area.   Very charming!  Hope you enjoyed this post.




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