The Big E, West Springfield MA

img_0032The Big E is one of my FAVORITE festivals to go to. I used to go every year with my mom and sisters. I hadn’t been in 3 years so this was a nice treat! This year they are celebrating a 100 years!


Each New England state has a state house that you can walk through. Within in each state house they have food, beer, clothing and other things that are unique to their state. Had to take a picture of CT!


Next stop was Maine. This is a tradition we always wait in line to get a loaded baked potato. Sooooo good! My other favorite building to visit is Vermont. This is where I get my new flannel pants, and shirts every year. Its called the Vermont Flannel Company. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures it was packed and difficult to take with my hand being broken 🙁



This is Storrowtown Village, which showcases 18th century life.  Lots of fun to observe!

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