Nauset Lighthouses


Today we wandered over to Nauset Lighthouse which is in Eastham MA. The wind has been crazy today! The goal was to actually sample some of the Walden Hollow cider from Angry Orchard but as you can see it was so windy and also raining lightly. This lighthouse was originally in Chatham but they moved it to Eastham in 1923. This lighthouse replaced the Three sisters of Nauset lighthouses.


This picture above are two of the Three Sisters of Nauset Lighthouses. These are small wooden lighthouses. They have since moved them into a wooded area that you can also visit if you head over to Nauset Lighthouse.


Heres a shot of the Walden Hollow bottle. This is part of their cider house collection and is made with apples from their orchard. The Angry Orchard is a new orchard located in Walden New York. (hence the name) Angry Orchard


Above is a shot of Coast Guard beach in Eastham MA. We couldn’t get onto the beach today because it was so rough but here is one of the shots I grabbed before it started to downpour!


I always buy something to close out the summer from the cape. I found this gold necklace at at store in Chatham and loved it! Figured I’d share it with you guys!


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