Skinner Mountain, Amherst MA


Today we ran some errands and decided to take a trip up to Skinner Mountain in Amherst MA. I hadn’t been there in 15 years! Skinner Mountain is home to more than 400 acres of forest on Mt. Holyoke. When you reach the top it overlooks the Connecticut River. There are several different hiking trails you can take or you can drive up the mountain, there is parking at the top, but not much. The Summit house sits atop the mountain which was built in 1821 as just a cabin. Between the years 1821-1851 they renovated the property to make it a two story eight bedroom hotel. More renovations happened over the years and now, as you can see, it is a large house that sits atop the mountain. They used to take a train up to this hotel where guests could stay. I wanted to share some of the history with you. I will definitely be back in the fall!  Skinner Mountain




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