The Place Restaurant, Guilford CT

Yesterday some close friends and I grabbed some dinner at The Place Restaurant in Guilford CT. I had never been but both of my good friends had and wanted to show me. This place is adorable! I am a huge fan of seafood! After living in Maine for three years I got quite spoiled especially with the lobster.  As you can see everything is completely outdoors with these lovely wooden tables and tree stumps as seats. They have a wood fire grill located in the middle of the seating area where you can see them roasting corn, clams, lobster, mussels etc. I ordered some mussels which were delicious! The Place Restaurant is cash only and BYOB. Our choice of beverages were some Nitro White Ale from Sam Adams and some white wine. Both paired great with the clams, lobster, and mussels! For more information checkout their website! The Place





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